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Our Story

In 1998, a group of talented, passionate construction and finishing professionals joined together to create a hotel renovation company. Inspired by their mutual ambitions and the belief that renovating and renovating hotels was an art, they turned their skills into reality. In a very short time, our company was able to gain the trust of its customers by providing high-quality, comprehensive services and observing deadlines. This success has allowed us to expand our portfolio of projects, including medium and large hotels. Thanks to the constant pursuit of excellence, our company has become one of the leaders in the hotel repair industry. We have been recognized for outstanding quality of work and innovative solutions. While maintaining our love for an individual approach to each client, we have become in demand for embodying unique, emotionally charged design concepts that emphasized the unique features of each hotel. Today, we are implementing projects throughout America.

Today - Our Mission Continues

Today our mission continues, and we continue to strive for excellence in hotel renovation. Our team is inspired by the challenges and opportunities that each project brings, and is proud that our work creates unforgettable spaces and inspires our customers and their guests. We thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us and look forward to new opportunities for creativity and innovation. We are ready to transform hotels, create unique spaces and add superiority to every project that we trust.

For these years in business completed over 500 hotels with different scope of work and different brands: standard upgrades, PIP by franchise requirements, major conversions from one brand to another, disaster recovery, providing all types of general construction services, all necessary materials for the project, in house, Millwork and countertop production shop.

Our Satisfied Clients

Quality and timely renovation guaranteed.

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