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WIndows Main.jpg

We offer you a wide range of quality window designs including Florida hurricane proof windows, which combine perfectly with any style and provide comfort and safety. Our windows are made of various materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum and composite, and all windows are custom made products to better suit your project. This allows us to create an optimal window solution for your interior and climatic conditions. Our windows are equipped with advanced energy saving technologies that help reduce energy consumption and save you money on heating and air conditioning bills. All our windows are characterised by high durability and durability, which ensures long life and minimal maintenance costs. We have no limits when it comes to design, sizes, and colors.

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Doors Main.jpg

Our handcrafted doors for the best support and durability, which are suitable for both residential and commercial environments. Our doors not only provide safety and convenience, but also add style and elegance to your interior. Create an attractive and cozy space with our high-quality door solutions designed specifically for your project to best fit into the space.

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Floor Tiles

Tile Main.jpg

We offer a wide range of floor tiles with different designs, textures and colors. It is resistant to loads, scratches, moisture and other damage. We have floor tile types with different technical characteristics such as anti-slip coatings and wear resistance. This allows you to choose the tile that is best suited for your project for a specific room and operating conditions.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Main.jpg

Vinyl floors are designed for high loads and have abrasion resistance, which provides a long service life. Our vinyl floors are made of environmentally friendly materials, making them safe for health and the environment. They are easy to clean and do not require special care, resistant to stains, dirt and moisture, making them an excellent choice for high traffic spaces. We provide a variety of different colors and shade variations.

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Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertop main.jpg

Elegant and functional artificial quartz countertops will make a perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom or front desk. Quartz countertops have a natural and realistic appearance, so they look great in various interiors, and they are resistant to stains and various chemicals. Our quartz countertops come in a large variety of different colors and designs. We can customize your countertops to whatever shape or size needed for your project.

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Vanity and Kitchen Cabinets


Our bathrooms and kitchens are designed to withstand stresses and provide maximum functionality. Our cabinets are hand crafted and made to order. We will work with you to get the best suited cabinets for your projects. They are built to last a lifetime, quality you can see, feel, and rely on.

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Surrounds and Shower Pans

Surrounds and shower pan main.jpg

We offer shower pans and panels of various sizes and shapes to perfectly match your needs and the characteristics of your shower space. We offer different styles, textures and shades, which allows us to find the perfect solution for finishing your bathroom. The panels create a clean and elegant finished look around the bathtub, sink and other surfaces. Pair with shower pans made from the same durable material.

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Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures Main.jpg

Here we offer you a wide range of toilets and sinks of various shapes and sizes. We provide mixers, vanity and kitchen faucets of various designs and functionality. They provide ease of use and precise control of water flow and temperature. Customizable fixtures to provide you with what you need for your projects. Carefully constructed and built with heavy duty materials.

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Shower Glass Doors

Glass Shower Doors MAin.jpg

Glass shower doors create a sense of spaciousness and transparency in your shower space, making it more comfortable and lighter. Our glass shower doors are made of high quality tempered glass, ensuring their durability and safety. We offer doors of various sizes, styles and designs to fit perfectly into your shower space.

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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accesories Main.jpg

For your project, we will provide a variety of bathroom accessories - from towel holders to soap boxes. They complement the interior and make the space more functional. Our wide assortment of bathroom accessories will satisfy the needs of many styles. They are built for durability and long lasting use.

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Furniture Main.jpg

We have a wide range of furniture for all rooms - from guestroom and living room to kitchen and office, lobby and conference. You can easily arrange all your premises with one address to us. Our team of experts is ready to help you with the choice of furniture, taking into account your project, needs and preferences. We offer furniture with unique elements and decorative details that will help to give your interior identity and style. Modern, sleek, and quality forward furniture. Discover designs that are crafted with detail and affordability.

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Soft Goods

Soft goods main.jpg

Let our chairs, armchairs, sofas and poufs transform your interior. Our company offers a variety of options to fully implement your project. We offer a variety of soft goods of different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. A wide selection of sofas and poufs of different styles and designs. Soft goods are a great addition to your interior, create a cozy atmosphere and give the room a complete look. Elevated selections with a luxury feel for various price points. Choose from several patterns, fabrics & etc. for any style forward renovation.

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Подвесные латунные лампы

We offer lamps in a variety of styles - from modern and minimalist to classic and retro. Regardless of your preferences, we have the perfect lighting solution to create the desired interior. Wide selection of table lamps, desk lamps, USB table lamps, console lamps, lamps using advanced technologies such as LED (LED) and energy saving options & many more choices for ceiling for lighting included. Discover a fresh selection of our state of the art lighting.

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Mirrors and Artwork


Our mirrors range from classic frame mirrors to modern frameless mirrors. We provide mirrors with various functional features, such as illuminated, heated mirrors, magnifying effect mirrors or mirrors with shelves for storing details. Commercial grade pieces designed for any type of renovation. Custom framing to elevate any aesthetic. Modern, contemporary & unique styles to choose from.

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Window Treatments

Window treatments.png

Contact us and we will find the perfect window treatments for your hotel. We offer a wide selection of curtains of different styles, fabrics and colors, provide a variety of blinds including vertical, horizontal, wooden and other options. Handcrafted the finest shades, blackout curtains, blinds & drapery. We offer versatility and utility for all different types of our treatments. We do service from measuring all the windows to installation of all products provided.

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