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At our facility, located in Woodstock, Georgia more than 1800 square feet, we produce a wide range of high quality carpentry products, created with the love and skill of our experienced carpenters. Millwork is the art of turning wood and other materials into unique and stylish elements for finishing and decorating your project.

What we offer:

  • All types of cabinet, front desks, fireplaces, tables, decorative doors, marketplaces, is just a small list of products that allow our company to offer comprehensive interior and design solutions that simplify the selection process for customers and reduce their efforts.

  • Baseboards and trimmers: High quality baseboards and trimmers not only hide the joints of walls and floors, but also give a finished look to your premises.

  • Wall and ceiling cladding: Panels, moldings and cornices create a unique and luxurious look of your walls and ceilings.

  • All types shelves and cabinets: Our cabinets and shelves tailored to your needs will make your interior more functional and comfortable.

  • Carved decorative elements: Decorations and carved panels add special charm and individuality to your rooms.

  • And also many more of all shapes, colors, sizes and types of materials.

Why choose us:

We provide our customers with shop drawings, which is an important tool to optimize the design and construction process, providing high accuracy, efficient interaction and minimization of risks.

Experienced carpenters with professional skills and creative approach to work.

High-quality materials for long service life and attractive appearance.

Our company offers a variety of product styles and designs that allow customers to choose exactly what suits their needs, designs and preferences.

Individual approach to each client and his project, tailored to your needs, helps to create unique and personalized products.

We are proud of our craftsmanship and strive to create millwork that adds beauty and refinement to your space. See the photo gallery below to learn more about our services and see our works. We look forward to making your ideas a reality and making your community unique and attractive.

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