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Guestroom and guest bathroom renovation

  • The Demolition of all current elements that will be replaced.

  • All necessary framing work.                                           

  • Electrical and plumbing modifications.                          

  • Drywall, installation, repairs and finishing.                      

  • All types of wall and ceilings preparation.

  • All types of painting, textures and wallcovering installation.

  • All types of flooring and base installation, including carpet, vinyl, wood, ceramic tile installation.

  • Conversions from bathtub to shower.                   

  • All types of vanity cabinets and countertop installation.

  • All types of plumbing and bathroom accessory’s installation.

  • Install all types of doors and hardware.

  • Install all types of furniture and fixtures, including case goods, light fixtures, artwork, mirrors, soft goods, window treatments, and everything else in the room.

Guestroom and quest bathroom renovation

Public space and lobby renovation

  • All types of expansions, Framing‘s, load bearing walls.

  • All types of MEP renovations.

  • All types of finishing walls, ceilings, floors.

  • All types of furniture, accessories, and fixture installation.

  • In-house all types of millwork and countertops, production and installation.

  • All types of doors, windows and storefront installation.

Public space and lobby reonation

Exterior renovation

  • Providing all necessary, demolition of existing structures, doors, windows, etc.                        

  • All types of framing work, sheeting, structural steel, all types of beams and trusses.                                 

  • Insulation, waterproofing, and all types of IFIC finishing.

  • All types of brick, veneer and stone finishing.
  • Doors, windows, storefront, balcony railing installation.

  • Construction new canopies including footings, structural and all types of finishing.

  • Pool renovations.                   

  • Pavers and  concrete work.                                           

  • All types of painting work.

Exterior renavations
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